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Imposter Syndrome

Are you feeling like a fraud? Are you wondering if it was a mistake to be chosen in your relationships? It’s time to stop that thinking.


Getting Out Of Survival Mode

In this class, you’ll learn more about what survival mode is, explore why you might be stuck, and discover what you can do to shift out of it and into healing.


Breaking Through Comparison

In this class, you will learn the tools to interrupt comparison thoughts that aren't serving you and turn them into inspiration.


Combatting Negative Self Talk

In this class, you’re going to learn exactly how to take control when your negative dialogue is running wild in your brain.


Wellness Instructors

Jenna Rainey

Designer + Artist

Lauren Essl

Illustrator + Artist

Tonya Rapley

Financial Coach + Expert

Lauren Hom

Illustrator + Artist

Kristin Berry Mastoras

Illustrator + Artist

Ashley Holt

Pastry Chef + Business Owner

Valerie McKeehan

Illustrator + Artist

Nicole Miyuki

Designer + Artist

Molly Jacques

Illustrator + Designer


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