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Lauren Berger

Career Coach + Artist

BEGINNER Skill Level

1 HOUR 13 MINS Duration


  • Create an eye-catching resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation and online portfolio
  • Make the most of networking events and leverage your professional contacts
  • Promote yourself the right way on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The job hunt is about to get SO much easier. Career coach Lauren Berger is here to give you insider tips and tricks on how to search for and land your dream job. In her class, Preparing For Your Job Search, you’ll start by defining what your dream job looks like. Then, you’ll learn how to network, apply and present your best self to your future employer.

All you need to take this course is the 7-page workbook, prepared by Lauren, that is available for download after purchase.


  • How To Find A Job
  • Preparing Your Materials
  • Networking
  • Dealing With Rejection
  • Online Brand Check-List
  • Skills To Work On
  • Reminders

As a bonus, you will also get samples of some awesome Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles

Preparing For Your Job Search Class

Learn how to find a job, build a resume and make the right connections with career expert Lauren Berger.

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Recent Reviews

  • Very informative class

    Definitely recommend for EVERYONE. So helpful and easy to follow.

  • Oh my gosh this was so helpful!!!!

    You won't regret it and its only an hour and a half commitment - Learned so much!!!

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