Acrylic Painting: Abstract Landscapes Class
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Megan Elizabeth

Illustrator, Artist + Designer

BEGINNER Skill Level

51 MINS Duration

It’s time for a paint and wine night from the comfort of your home! Just grab your laptop, some painting supplies, and follow along as you get all the in-person workshop feels you were looking for. But how, you ask?

Well, not only will your instructor share all of her pro tips and techniques on how to paint a beautiful ocean landscape, but the class will have you learning along with four other beginner painters, too! Throughout the course, Megan will be helping the students with various painting techniques so that you can all come away with paintings you're proud of.

Take the class on your own (because you’re still learning with others!). Or better yet, invite some friends over to take the on-demand class together, and get ready to learn fun tricks for painting oceans with acrylic paints.


  • Mix pastel colors to create your abstract ocean along with pretty wave effects.
  • Paint a beautiful sky over your ocean (there’s an awesome trick for this!)
  • Use various brush techniques to create details and textures to your ocean landscape.

STUDENT PERK: As an extra bonus, a student who enrolls in the class will get an exclusive course workbook that Megan helped create AND a bonus inspiration photo to use for practice!

Ready to up your painting skills? Enroll in our Acrylic Painting: Abstract Landscapes Workshop today!


  • Pre-Stretched Canvas (8x10 is used in the class)
  • Heavy Duty Watercolor Paper
  • Acrylic Paints (at least 8 pastel colors)
  • Paint Palette
  • 3-5 Flat Brushes
  • Cup With Water
  • Wine! (Optional)


  • A welcome note from your instructor Megan
  • A supplies overview
  • An overview of techniques in each lesson
  • Final projects reference photos

Acrylic Painting: Abstract Landscapes Class

Have your own wine + paint night! Learn pro tips on how to paint a beautiful ocean landscape, all from the comfort of your home.

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