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This exclusive offer includes a 50% discount on our All Access Pass which currently includes 120+ courses and excludes B+C Baking Bundle, B+C Cooking Bundle, Money School and Boss School.

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  • 50% off the monthly All-Access Pass subscription after a first month free trial.
  • 50% off the annual subscription to our All-Access Pass.

  • ----------------------- Terms & Conditions (11/19/21)----------------------------------

    Eligibility:This promotion is available to all customers who are (1) not current B+C All-Access Pass subscribers and (2) have never participated in a past free trial of B+C Classes All-Access Pass. Limit one promotional purchase per person.

    Here’s how the promotion works:

    Purchase an All-Access Pass subscription through our website using the provided promo code to load the 50% discount off the monthly subscription or by entering the promo code for 50% off the All-Access annual subscription. You can cancel your membership renewal at any time in account settings under Billing (

    Q: If I currently do not have a B+C All-Access Pass but had one in the past, am I eligible for this promotion?

    A:Yes, you can start and stop your All-Access Pass during the promotion period of 12 months as long as you currently do not have access to an All-Access Pass you are otherwise eligible for this promotion. You may need a new promo code to reactivate that you obtain by reaching out to B+C Classes Support at [email protected].

    Q: If I purchase an All-Access Pass through platforms other than Brit+Co, am I eligible for this promotion?

    A:The All Access Pass Discount purchase process is automated via our website, so only purchases made through our website are eligible for this promotion.

    Q: What is the refund policy for this promotion?

    A:The discounted offer includes access to 500+ hours of classes and we don't currently offer a refund for any monthly subscription. However, we will offer a prorated refund for annual subscriptions requested within the first 60 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase, which applies to this promotion.

    Any further questions, please contact us here.